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‘Heart Beats’ is a minimalist folk tune, yet haunting and hypnotic from the chilling sound of McCreary’s voice and the slow strikes of the cello... music has found a new gem.”
— The Revue


about helen


Helen is a wandering minstrel archaeologist. No really, she is. Born and raised in upstate New York, Helen has been a backpacking instructor in Wyoming, an archaeologist around the world, and now she’s a singer-songwriter based in NYC. She enjoys long walks through the wilderness while looking for artifacts, making music with lovely people, and talking about herself in the third person.


Helen started playing cello when she was four. Well, her parents made her do it – they thought it would teach her to sit still and be quiet for at least five minutes. While the ‘quiet’ part of it didn’t really happen, she did become pretty good at the whole music thing. But it wasn't until the winter of 2013 that Helen - fresh out of college and realizing that she did not, in fact, have everything figured out - finally picked up a guitar, and started to write her own songs.


Throughout 2014 – while she was working as an archaeologist in Christchurch, New Zealand – Helen documented her journey through lyrics and melodies. In January 2015, she moved to Brooklyn to record her debut EP, 'Kaikoura', and her debut full album, 'The Lovely Days'. Both her EP and album are now available on iTunes, Spotify, and the gazillion other places you can buy or stream music! 


Connect with Helen on her plethora of social media pages - she loves new friends!


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selected past GIGS

  • OCTOBER 7, 2016 at The Craven Arms Cruck Barn - Appletreewick, West Yorkshire
  • JUNE 8, 2016 at The Way Station - Brooklyn, NY
  • MARCH 16, 2016 at The Way Station - Brooklyn, NY
  • FEB 5, 2016 at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 1 - album release show!
  • JAN 6, 2016 at The Local - Queens, NYC
  • DEC 21, 2015 at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 1 - NYC
  • DEC 5, 2015 at ExileAbove2A - NYC 
  • NOV 30, 2015 at Pianos - NYC
  • NOV 14, 2015 at Lovecraft Bar - NYC
  • OCT 16, 2015 at Anna Liffeys - New Haven, CT
  • SEPT 28, 2015 at Eddie's Attic - Decatur, GA
  • SEPT 22, 2015 at Douglas Corner Cafe - Nashville, TN
  • SEPT 21, 2015 at The Bluebird Cafe - Nashville, TN
  • SEPT 6, 2015 at The Burren - Boston, MA
  • AUG 24, 2015 at Blue Moon Diner - Charlottesville, VA
  • AUG 15, 2015 at Juice 'n Java - Cocoa Beach, FL (video)
  • AUG 11, 2015 at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 1 - with Melis Aker (live recording)
  • JUNE 7, 2015 at The Bitter End - with Melis Aker
  • MAY 18, 2015 at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 3 - with Melis Aker (video)
  • MAR 22, 2015 at The Bitter End - NYC (live recording)
  • MAR 6, 2015 at Lovecraft Bar - with Melis Aker
  • FEB 27, 2015 at The Path Cafe, NYC